Lehmwand, Congress Centrum Alpbach, Tirol, Österreich

The “von Hayek” hall is one of the 5 flexible halls in the level 1 East area of the Congress Centrum Alpbach and fulfils multi-functional purposes.


  • flexible connection to the Liechtenstein-Hall
  • direct access to the art foyer with glass spiral
  • latest technology

The various rooms/halls in the Congress Centrum Alpbach are named after notable personalities and sponsors, who have special associations with the "European Forum Alpbach".

August Friedrich von Hayek (1899 - 1992)

The 1974 economics Nobel Prize winner felt at home in Alpbach. He led numerous events, work groups and was a frequent speaker. He was an economics professor at the "London School of Economics" and at the universities of Chicago and Freiburg im Breisgau. Von Hayek is recognised as a representative of "neo-liberalism". He published important papers dealing with monetary and fiscal theoretical problems and the constitution of modern society.


  • day light (can be fully darkened)
  • parquet floor
  • flipchart
  • pinboard
  • screen
  • set-Up (first seating included)
  • additional technic flexibly designed state-of-the-art-technology referring to customer request

von Hayek-Hall theatre-style seating

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